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AKG Y50BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

The AKG Y50 is one of the most excellent on-ear headphones that will suit your budget. The AKG Y50BT are basically the Bluetooth wireless kind of AKG Y50. They have similar design and sound, but with no cable. However, this pair comes at a higher cost.

AKG Y50BT Bluetooth Headphones Review

Some of their key features include:

  • Excellent design and comfort. 
    As the cables are inbuilt, they have no controls. The buttons for power/pairing, play/pause and volume are positioned on the right ear’s cup so that you can naturally reach them with your thumb. Pairing is quite simple as connecting via Bluetooth takes no time and there are no dropouts expected. They have an attractive design that makes them eye-catching out on the street. Each side of the cup has synthetic leather, that sits perfectly on your ear just like a pillow. Its black and silver bring out the metal caps that rest on the sides of each cup.

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The headphones are relatively light in weight thanks to their swivel frame reducing any discomfort that is normally associated with other on-ear headphones. AKG Y50BT is what to go for when you think of that half hour morning run around a park. They are splash-proof and therefore are unlikely to become too wet as you are in the gym or out running.

    • Good sound quality 
      These Bluetooth headphones are similarly superb in audio performance. The sound is remarkable and good enough as compared to a wired performance. It is very clear making it simple to tell the kind of talent at hand. There isn’t any detectable trace of the whine and hiss which reveals the wireless aspect of other lesser headphones. With this clarity, comes a lot of detail that enhances well organized vocals and instruments helping you appreciate sense of separation and space. The performance of the headphones is as competent as it is entertaining.


  • They are foldable
    Both the right and left ear cups can be folded up inwards thus saving space. This makes it easier to transport them and to store nicely when they are not in use.

They also come with a fabric carry bag making them easily portable showing off a youthful style. This case will be suitable for carrying your audio cable that comes as an accessory of the headphones.

    • 20-hour battery life 
      To make your long hours’ flight worthwhile or when planning to listen to music all-day, AKG Y50BT is suitable for this due to its battery life of twenty hours. The headphones have a micro-USB port for charging the battery situated on the side. The music just never stops.


    • They have an optional cable
      If your battery runs out, you still have a bundled cable that comes in handy at such a time. This will turn your AKG Y50 BT into a wired Y50. One end has a plug that goes into the headphones while the other one has a jack.
      The pair also has a cable that charges the headphones via the micro USB port.


    • Wireless
      The AKG Y50 BT still stands out as one of the best pairs of wireless headphones. Within a range of up to five meters, the Y50BT will easily connect to your phone without problems.


    • aptX
      The headphones offer aptX ensuring that you don’t hear degradation in the sound quality while listening to your music via Bluetooth.


  • Bluetooth enabled for calls and music
    Since controls are found on the rear cup, you can easily answer calls and switch through your music.


How to connect?

When you push the power key, the headphone beeps and comes into life. There is a blue LED that blinks when the headphone is on. You can connect your phone with ease and without experiencing any hitches. It works hassle free.



  • Excellent battery life
  • Enjoyable and equalized sound
  • Good value
  • Solid build
  • Functions both wireless and wired



The AKG Y50BT is one of the finest wireless headphones at the cost. They employ superior technology, are better built and long-lasting. They are the best wireless headphones for anyone who do not wish to spend a lot of money. Their insulation and sound are as per expectations making them a fantastic pair.